Lead editor: Alexander Bikbov

Published: 2012-02-01


Alexander Bikbov
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Private and Public in the Spatial Organization of Everyday Practices of Neighborhood Police Officers (An Attempt at an Ethnographic Study)

Ekaterina Khodzhaeva
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Making a Home on the Neva: Domestic Space, Memory, and Local Identity in Leningrad and St. Petersburg, 1957–present

Catriona Kelly
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Russian Dolls, Icons, and Pushkin: Practicing Cultural Identity through Material Possessions in Immigration

Anna Pechurina
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“Internationalist Education” and Solidarity with Chile and Latin America in the Late Soviet Period—Between Geopolitics, Protest, and Self-realization?

Yulia Gradskova
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Maik O'Makhouni. Sport v SSSR / Perevod s angl. E. Liaminoi i A.Fishmana. – M.: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2010

Olga Chepurnaia
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Khans Ul'rikh Gumbrekht. Pokhvala krasote sporta / Per. s angl. V. Feshchenko. – M.: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2009

Leonid Tereshenkov
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