Lead editor: Veronica Davidov

Published: 2016-04-12

Anthropological Exercises in Postindustrial Reflexivity

Agnieszka Pasieka, Piotr Filipkowski
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Notes on the “Worthless Dowry” of Soviet Industrial Modernity: Making Working-Class Russia Habitable

Jeremy Morris
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A Tale of Two Ahmadiyya Mosques: Religion, Ethnic Politics, and Urban Planning in London

Marzia Balzani
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Manufacturing Nostalgia: A Case Study of an Industrial Museum in New England

Agnieszka Pasieka
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Page 72–87

Community as a Given Versus Community as a Process: Strategies for Studying Small Towns

Greg Yudin, Ivan Pavlyutkin
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Mental Maps: The Method’s Limitations and a “Strange” Image in a Small Town

Konstantin Glazkov
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Unity Performances during Town’s Day Holiday

Ekaterina Pavlenko
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Studying a Parish Community in a Small Town: The Role of the Priest and Other Aspects of Orthodox Communality

Polina Vrublevskaya
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“This Is Utopia; This Is a Swamp”: Genres of Narrative about a City

Varvara Kobyshcha
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Karen Petrone. The Great War in Russian Memory. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2011

Jason R. Morton
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Page 185–187

Sergei Abashin. Sovetskii kishlak: Mezhdu kolonializmom i modernizatsiei. Moscow: NLO, 2015

Ekaterina Demintseva
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Cecile Vaissie. Za vashu i nashu svobodu! Dissidentskoe dvizhenie v Rossii. Moscow: NLO, 2015

Marco Clementi
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List of Article Manuscript Reviewers, 2015

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