Guest editors: Olga Tkach and Majda Hrženjak

Lead editor: Anna Paretskaya

Published: 2017-01-13

Paid Domestic Work in Postsocialist Contexts: Regional Traits of a Global Phenomenon: An Introduction

Olga Tkach, Majda Hrženjak
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Exploring the Demand for Paid Domestic Workers in Slovakia through the Intersection of Welfare and Gender Regimes

Zuzana Sekeráková Búriková
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Socialization of Childcare in Slovenia and Its Impact on Informal Care Markets

Živa Humer, Majda Hrženjak
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Cultural Patterns of Class Inequality in the Realm of Paid Domestic Work in Russia

Elena Zdravomyslova, Olga Tkach
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Historical Legacies: Postsocialism, Trade Unions, and Organizing Domestic Workers in the Czech Republic

Lisa-Marie Heimeshoff
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Migration and Domestic Work: A European Perspective on a Global Theme. Ed. Helma Lutz. Ashgate, 2008.

Sergei Abashin
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Tung-Hui Hu. A Prehistory of the Cloud. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2015

Daria Savchenko
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Page 151-154

Sharon Zukin. Kul'tury gorodov. Translated by D. Simanovskii. Moscow: NLO, 2015

Elena Tykanova
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List of Article Manuscript Reviewers, 2016

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