Guest edited by Gilles Favarel-Garrigues and Ioulia Shukan

Published: 2019-12-25

Perspectives on Post-Soviet Vigilantism. Introduction

Gilles Favarel-Garrigues, Ioulia Shukan
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Page 4-15

From Citizen Investigators to Cyber Patrols: Volunteer Internet Regulation in Russia

Françoise Daucé, Benjamin Loveluck, Bella Ostromooukhova, Anna Zaytseva
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Page 46-70

Revival of the DND (People’s Volunteer Squads) in Russia: A Case of Top-Down Social Mobilization

Ekaterina Khodzhaeva
Abstract 162 | PDF (Русский) Downloads 88

Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov. Two Lenins: A Brief Anthropology of Time. Chicago: Hau Books, 2017

Zinaida Vasilyeva
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List of Article Manuscript Reviewers, 2019

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