Lead editor: Irina Tartakovskaya

Published: 2010-12-15

Gender Relations in the Private Sphere: Post-Soviet Transformations of Family and Intimacy (Introduction)

Irina Tartakovskaya
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Young Adults: Marriage, Partnership, and Parenthood. Discursive Prescriptions and Practices in Contemporary Russia

Larisa Shpakovskaya, Zhanna Chernova
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Should I Send My Child to Kindergarten, and Should I Pay the Teacher? Parenting, Gender, and Preschool Educational Institutions in Internet Forums

Yulia Gradskova
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The Experience of Parenting and Growing Up as Immigrants: A Discourse Analysis of Child-Rearing Practices in Russian-Israeli Families

Claudia Zbenovich
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What Home Means to the Nomad

Olga Brednikova, Olga Tkach
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Transforming the Gender Regime: An Ethnosociological Analysis of Modernization in the North Caucasus

Tatyana Lytkina
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Expanding Ethnic and Confessional Boundaries: Marriages between Tajik Women and Foreign Men

Sofia Kasymova
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Shift-F2: The Internet, Mass Media, and Female-to-Female Intimate Relations in Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk

Tatiana Barchunova, Oksana Parfenova
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Hlne Yvert-Jalu. Femmes et famille en Russie dhier et daujourdhui. Paris: Sextant, 2007

Larisa Shpakovskaya
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Olga Gurova, Sovetskoe nizhnee bel'e: mezhdu ideologiei i povsednevnost'iu. M.: NLO, 2008

Elena Bogdanova
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Gender dlia chainikov (vypuski 1 i 2). M.: Zven'ia, 2006, 2009

Marina Kashina
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