Published: 2011-10-01

Notions of Love in Polyamory—Elements in a Discourse on Multiple Loving

Christian Klesse
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"When I enter the elevator of my house, I already feel like I am at work": Borders between work and not-work in network marketing

Nataliya Savelieva
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"It’s Like a Museum Here": The Shopping Mall as Public Space

Anna Zhelnina
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In a Zeitnot: Notes on the State of Russian Anthropology

Sergey Sokolovskiy
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Marina Mogil'ner. Homo imperii. Istoriia fizicheskoi antropologii v Rossii. M.: NLO, 2008

Alexander Etkind
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Replika po povodu diskussii o knige Mariny Mogil'ner “Homo imperii: Istoriia fizicheskoi antropologii v Rossii”

Konstantin Ivanov
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Belorusskii format: nevidimaia real'nost' / Otv. red. A.R. Usmanova. Vil'nius: EGU, 2008

Anna Savchenko
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Anna Sidorova. Kommunikativnye strategii i kul'turnye praktiki v pole literatury. Barnaul: Izd-vo ALTGU, 2009

Aleksandra Iatsyk
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