Vladislav Aksenov. Voina patriotizmov: Propaganda i massovye nastroenia v Rossii perioda krushenia imperii. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2023

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Aleksandra Nedopekina


Vladislav Aksenov’s book whose title translates as The War of Patriotisms: Propaganda and Mass Moods in Russia during the Collapse of the Empire was published in 2023. This book was released in the popular science series What Is Russia? (Chto takoe Rossiia?) by Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie publishing house. Although this work is partly an adaptation of the author’s large monograph (Aksenov 2020) for a wider audience, the central theme of the 2023 book is narrower. Aksenov defines it as a combination of the history of ideas, images, and symbols, and the history of emotions to examine the phenomenon of patriotism in the Russian Empire from the early nineteenth century to 1917. Moreover, the psychological side of patriotic discourses and practices receives here central attention.

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Russian Empire, Revolution, First World War, Propaganda, Patriotism, Social Psychology

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