Ekaterina Melnikova et al., eds. Granitsa i liudi: vospominaniia sovetskikh pereselentsev Priladozhskoi Karelii i Karelskogo Peresheika. Sankt-Peterburg: Evropeiskii universitet v Sankt-Peterburge, 2005

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Anita Walke


Reviewing a book of “memories” is difficult; one cannot judge the way people remember. Granitsa i liudi, edited by Finnish and Russian scholars, consists largely of narrations collected during several research trips to the Karelian region of Lake Ladoga and the Karelian Isthmus, and might well be considered an edition of primary sources. Readers find a wealth of information about how and why Soviet citizens moved to formerly Finnish territories in the Northwest of the Soviet Union and how they made sense of both this move and the adaptation to a natural and socio-cultural landscape.


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