The Transformation of the Organizational and Professional Context of the Public Opinion Survey Industry in Russia: Macro- and Microanalysis

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Roman Abramov


This article analyzes the organizational structure of the public opinion survey industry in Russia as an independent market and society sector. The article consists of two parts: the first part attempts a macroanalysis of the principles of this industry’s organization. I argue that, despite the ontogenetic and organizational differences in design of the spheres of market research and public opinion surveys, over time the public opinion survey industry has adopted standards of governance and representation conventional in marketing. The second half of the article lays out my research findings, collected via organizational ethnography, allowing insight into this industry’s work on a micro level. The main conflict discussed in the second part is the struggle between managers and professionals over who will control the work process and dominate the organizations’ management. This article draws on work in the subfields of organizational theory, sociology of markets, and sociology of professions. In Russian, extended summary in English.


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