Istoricheskie Zhurnaly SShA: Intellektual'nye Transformatsii Poslednego Desiatiletiia.

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Natalia Potapova


History journals are important institutions that control historical knowledge and organize the professional community. This review examines the publishing practices of three leading American journals (American Historical Review, Journal of the History of Ideas, and Representations). These journals embody different models of publishing policies, different forms of control over the distribution of intellectual influence, and different systems of exchanging ideas. It is believed that periodicals represent transformations of historical knowledge more quickly than other forms of writing. The review studies the journals’ contents for the last ten years and presents the main intellectual tendencies of this period: a retreat from cultural history and a resurgence of social history as well as global and transnational history. Analysis of all reviewed journals demonstrates their openness to the problems of the modern world, responses to challenges of the time, and historians’ involvement in public life. It is possible to talk about a practical turn in modern historiography. In Russian.


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