“Life According to Doctor Komarovskii”: How Advice on Caring for Children Constructs Parenting

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Olena Strelnyk


Parenthood, Parenting, Intensive Mothering, Experts, Child-Care Manuals, Ukraine


The article analyzes constructions of parenthood and childcare in childcare advice—disseminated through books, TV broadcasts, and websites—by popular Ukrainian pediatrician Evgenii Komarovskii. The article consists of three parts. The first part deals with the public, social, and pedagogical discourses of parental (ir)responsibility and (in)competence in Ukraine, as well as conceptions of parental competence in Doctor Komarovskii’s advice as the alternative to this discourse. The second part aims to evaluate the peculiarities of constructions of maternal and paternal roles and childcare in his advice. The author explores Evgenii Komarovskii’s role in the discursive actualization of parenting and childcare as important sociopolitical issues in the third part. The article draws on work in the sociology of parenting, exploring the role of expert knowledge in its construction. In Russian, extended summary in English.

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