Field Research Training in the Department of Local Administration, National Research University–Higher School of Economics

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Simon Kordonsky
Juri Plusnin


The article’s authors describe their experiences organizing and conducting field research training of National Research University–Higher School of Economics students over the course of 10 years. Field expeditions are defined by the exposure they give (metropoli­tan) students to the phenomenology of provincial everyday life. The methodology used is grounded in the principals of qualitative social research. Methods used for the direct (“naive”) observation and description of the features of local public life include case studies, unstructured interviews, and situational conversations with local people.
The authors describe five kinds of field expedition practices that they have developed for students: (1) visiting training seminars in addition to the authorized course; (2) field research incorporated into academic study practices; (3) retreats as part of research seminars; (4) summer school expeditions; and (5) sociological research expeditions. In Russian.


Research and Training Expeditions, Fieldwork, Phenomenology of Everyday Life, Local Communities, Local Self-Government

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