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Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal produced by an international group of scholars. The journal comes out three times a year and publishes materials based on empirical qualitative social research in Russian and English.

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We invite authors who conduct research on the ways in which migrants interact with urban space and create/use urban infrastructure in post-Soviet and Eastern European cities to participate in a special issue titled “Migrants in the Post-Soviet City.”

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Since the breakdown of the USSR, policing has changed in different ways in post-Soviet societies, as result of numerous reforms of law enforcement agencies and a promotion of new forms of cooperation with private firms, as well as with citizens (registered volunteers, druzhiny, neighborhood communities and vigilantes). In the 2010s, new forms of policing initiatives have developed: car drivers involved in in denunciating corrupt road traffic policemen; anti-migrant and anti-drug patrols; raids against smokers and drinkers in public spaces; pedophile hunting; organized surveillance of prohibited contents on the Internet; raids in shops to check expiration dates, etc. Those practices encompass—more or less exhaustively according to the case—provocation, search, inquiry, patrol, arrest, seizure and punishment.

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Vol 10 No 3 (2018)

Lead editor: Ekaterina Demintseva

Published: 2018-12-27


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