Lead editor: Elena Bogdanova

Published: 2013-02-27


Elena Bogdanova
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"Sibiriak": Community, Nationality, or "State of Mind"?

Alla Anisimova, Olga Echevskaya
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Comparing Violence: Organ Theft Rumors in Chechnya and Latin America

Amandine Regamey
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The Disposable Surplus: Notes on Waste, Reindeer, and Biopolitics

Hugo Reinert
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Legal Wounds: The Meaning of Human Rights for Lesbians and Gay Men in Russia

Alexander Kondakov
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The Erotic Biopower of Putinism: From Glamour to Pornography

Francisco Martínez
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Page 105-122

Gilles Favarel-Garrigues et Kathy Rousselet, eds. La Russie contemporaine. Paris: Fayard, 2010

Larisa Shpakovskaya
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Anna Wacławek. Graffiti and Street Art. London: Thames and Hudson, 2011

Oksana Zaporozhets
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V.I. Lenin (N. Lenin) Chto delat'? Nabolevshie voprosy nashego dvizheniia. Stuttgart: Verlag von J.H.W. Dietz, 1902

Leonid Tereshenkov
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List of article manuscript reviewers, 2009-2012

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