The “Axial Age” of Cultural Studies: A Discussion on Cultural Populism

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Boris Stepanov


This review essay examines debates on cultural populism among English-speaking cultural theorists in the second half of the 1980s and early 1990s. These debates were inspired by the development of the studies of popular culture and had a significant influence on the transformation of the landscape of cultural studies in the context of their academic and public expansion. The essay analyzes, firstly, the historical conjuncture of the discussion and examines different points of view on cultural studies as a critical theory and research project. Secondly, it points out the significance of this discussion for the interpretation of the present state and perspectives of cultural studies, including such new areas as fan studies, new media studies, and the like.

Text in Russian.

DOI: 110.25285/2078-1938-2017-9-3-104-134


Cultural Studies, Populism, Popular Culture, Subjectivity, Reception Studies, Subcultures, Fan Studies

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